New Year, New Site, New Purpose

Since our courting days, my husband and I often discuss how we hope our lives will play out. Ultimately, our life theme is this: To live with an eternal mindset.

We also have annual one-word resolutions. This 2016, the word is “Better“.

If we are honest, my husband and I are relatively “good” people. Or rather, we’re good-natured, not prone to mischief. That’s not a bad thing. But that also means there is danger of getting by with mediocrity, when it can be excellence.

After our personal journeys in 2015, we are persuaded that we can be and do better. “Good enough” shouldn’t be good enough. The status quo shouldn’t be the measuring stick.

I think better is an interesting word. You’re not there yet. You’re not the best. But what’s important is that you’re moving forward, bit by bit. It may take a while to reach the finish line, but it’s a more realistic goal than just saying, “I want to be the best!” In fact, if we want to become the best, don’t we have to start by first becoming better?

Achievable goals are those that are specific and measurable. So you may be wondering how exactly we’ll be putting better into practical steps.

But let’s leave that for another day. Today, I mention only how it played into the creation of this blog.

For the longest time, I had a blog. But it was a spastic one, poor thing, jolted to life every now and again, always at the brink of death.

I liked the idea of a blog. I also said that I like and want to write. But seriously, I was lazy and had no direction.

So as part of our resolution, I hope to do better by this lifeskill of the written word. Because I can do better, and should do better.

I didn’t start this blog haphazardly, as I did with the old one. I didn’t want to repeat the mistake of having a blog for the sake of it. No, months of thought went into the decision of whether this is something needful, and whether I can cope with the work. Because really, maintaining a blog is hard work.

In fact, “Nothing worth doing is easy. We should always bear that in mind in whatever we choose to do” (Letty Jimenez-Magnasoc, recently passed editor-in-chief of Philippine Daily Inquirer).

So, this January 1, 2016, I invite you to join me in welcoming this new year with this blog, a clean slate with direction.

I truly hope this blog would be very much involved in the journey of being better, not just as a writer and editor, but as a person overall. I hope it will help me grow in how I interact with people, issues and events – a place for me to lay it all out as I try to make sense of the world and my role in it.

I don’t have everything together, yet. There’s still things to tweak and perfect. But I’m already excited with the possibilities ahead!

May this mark an important beginning!


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