My Love-Hate Relationship With Technology, And The One Thing That Changed My Mind

Now and again, I will post excerpts of my published works and link them back to the original post. As the title clues you in on it, this was about how I came to accept the important role of tech in my life.


Technology and I have a love-hate relationship. This was made clear the time my cousin announced a change in her phone number. Within seconds, my other relatives had whipped out their phones to key in the new digits. I, on the other hand, pulled out my thick planner, flipped to the address tab and clicked my pen. My cousins burst out laughing, and I was the brunt of jokes for a while.

The thing is, I did have a phone in my bag. But though I had that — and a laptop — that were functioning perfectly, I was always slow to adopt the latest gadget or digital trend. A case in point would be the many times in university when I had to field questions on why I didn’t have WhatsApp.

My relationship with tech was not clear-cut. I loved Google; I couldn’t live with a question unanswered. Yet, I still took notes on paper and had physical folders for almost everything. Friends had to nag me into joining social networks, using a new app, or playing the latest game.

Read the rest of the article here.

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