A Writing Challenge and Today’s Daily Prompt: Value

via Daily Prompt: Value

Sometime last week, I came across a podcast by Jeff Goins on the benefits of writing or blogging consistently. Basically, he encouraged the habit of writing daily. It was a simple podcast with easy-to-remember points, but it was enough to challenge me.

I call myself a writer, but my writing habit is shameful. This is my current “habit”: I write when I have to. I do write in my journal almost every day, but lately even that has slacked. After the podcast and the Twelve Strands book, I’m left with one question:

Just how much do I value this gift of writing?

At this time, my lifestyle doesn’t reflect the value in which I claim to esteem writing. So either its value needs to be re-assessed, which could lead to my dropping the pen altogether, or the lifestyle needs a-changing.

I still value writing enough not to give it up entirely. So lifestyle it is.

This October, I’m going to use this blog to kick-start this daily habit. These are the guidelines:

  • I will set aside 30 minutes to writing a blog post
  • I choose to commit to writing 5 days a week
  • I will mostly rely on these daily prompts, but will attempt a weekly unprompted post
  • I choose to make this habit-builder challenge public because as Goins also points out, going public will keep me accountable

I will probably address the usual interests of writing, books, family life, and faith. But since the primary goal is simply to oil this rusting habit, I shall not restrict myself and go with the flow.

I hope you’ll bear with me if the posts are sub-par in content, or if the topics are too wide-ranging. But if I don’t at least try, I may never improve in quality or quantity. Who knows, maybe I’ll discover my voice or niche by November.

Habit tracker: Week – 1/4, Post – 1/5


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