Between Two Worlds

via Daily Prompt: Border

If you’re a Malaysian who’s ever worked in Singapore, or who happened to be visiting during a peak season, you probably share the same amazement I have at how getting from one country to the country right next to it feels more like traveling a halfway across the world.

Seriously. We’re separated only by a straits, and it’s not even that wide. If the fit or determined really wanted to, they could swim across. Whether the border control officers catch you — which they most probably will seeing how there’s not much territory to monitor in the first place — is your problem.

It takes about four hours to travel back to my hometown door-to-door. But during peak hours, the sheer volume of people commuting combined with the fact that there are only two bridges to get across could mean super long delays.

The actual traveling on the road is usually uneventful, but it’s the little stretch of going through two immigration checkpoints that does it in.¬†Our ex-housemates just visited today and recounted how their recent trip home was their longest yet. They left Singapore at 8pm… and arrived home at 4am!

So far, I’ve yet to experience such a nightmare, as we try our best to travel off hours. The longest I’ve gone through was about 5-6 hours, and that was enough for me.

It really makes me ponder about how modern-day institutions and infrastructures may be well-intended to maintain order and peace. But sometimes they end up dividing more than uniting.

Habit tracker: Week 1/4; Post 4/5


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