A Week Away

Ah dear readers. I have failed a week of the writing challenge. There are two main reasons to it:

  • I was travelling
  • I had family visiting

I would like to think that it’s not an a complete failure. It has made me more aware of my lifestyle habits in correspondence to my writing. Unlike some of you out there who may be scribbling away as you traverse the globe, I find that I scribble less when I’m on the move.

Maybe it’s because there’s a break in routine, which makes it harder to get into the zone. Maybe it’s because I get carsick, as much as I’d love to use the hours in the car or bus for writing. Maybe it’s because my energy is focused on the travelling and accompanying activities there really is no time left by the end of the day. Maybe it’s because I have limited internet access. Maybe it’s all of them.

As for family visiting, well, family is higher on my priority list.

I’m not saying all this simply to excuse my absence. I’m penning them down in order to understand my habits and tendencies, and see what I can or should improve on, or figure out a better way to incorporate consistent writing.

One good thing came out of this one week. I may not have posted anything public this week, but I’ve been pondering and grasping a bit more of the topics my heart and mind tend to lean to.

Let’s see if I can make better use of the snippets of in-between times. I think I should get a good writing app on my phone, one that can easily sync to WordPress, or at least my laptop for safekeeping and eventual publishing.

Can any of you recommend a writing app (for Android)?

Habit tracker: Week 4/4; Post 1/5


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